Providing guidance.

We can be your partner, or your entire team.

AUXS is here to help in times of transition or when guidance and management is required, working side by side with you. The AUXS Management Support practice is led by highly successful industry experts who have had senior leadership roles within Campus Operations, Campus Programs and Campus Services. Our network of Advisors is made up of educators, current and former school administrators, and business industry entrepreneurs, all with extensive experience working with – and for – schools. Our combination of talents sets AUXS apart from other organizations and allows us to provide a unique level of support that leads to extraordinary results for your school.

With a primary focus on the non-academic aspect of a campus, expertise is provided through:

  • Oversight
  • Operational Excellence
  • Operational Support
  • Project Management

AUXS Advisors are speakers, members and recognized subject matter experts within the following organizations…