Providing solutions.
AUXS serves its schools by providing Advisory Support led by a team of current and former school administrators and industry leaders, including entrepreneurs and for-profit education experts. Our combination of talents sets AUXS apart from other organizations and brings a unique level of support for all our schools.
AUXS works to serve your school in this changing environment with expert knowledge and proficiency. We support the business of educational institutions by providing solutions and innovation that:
  • Generate non-tuition revenue
  • Develop admissions-driving programming
  • Create efficiencies
  • Find campus solutions
With a primary focus on the non-academic aspect of a campus, expertise is provided through:
  • Operational Review/Assessment
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Development
  • Risk Management Services

Working alongside your organization and its leaders, AUXS provides an external perspective that leads to internal benefits, increasing revenues while reducing costs. We help your organization find the smartest way forward to growth in the changing and increasingly competitive educational environment.

AUXS Advisors are speakers, members and recognized subject matter experts within the following organizations…