The Auxiliary Services Organization (AUXS) was founded to support schools. Our mission is to help the institutions we serve in this changing environment with expert knowledge and proficiency. AUXS Campus Safety & Security Advisors have extensive law enforcement experience as well as experience working with and for schools. Our team of advisors is made up of individuals from law enforcement, campus operations, auxiliary programs, risk management, emergency planning as well as school administrators. This combination is rare and sets AUXS apart from other organizations.

AUXS provides the following Safety & Security support:

Search & Recruiting

Reviews & Assessments

Training & Professional Development

Reviews & Assessments

Areas of Focus Include:

  • School emergency and crisis preparedness planning
  • Review of existing plans (i.e. crisis plan, evacuation plan, lock-down plan, etc.)
  • Prevention policies and procedures
  • Physical Protection Systems (i.e. access control, communications, intrusion detection systems, perimeter security, after hours security, physical design, etc.)
  • Professional development (i.e. Tabletop, Active Shooter, Events, etc)
  • Support roles on campus (i.e. facilities, operations, food services, transportation, health services, technology, etc.)
  • Internal security staffing
  • School/local law enforcement collaboration and partnerships
  • Review of “Command, Control & Communications” with a focus on the role of Campus Safety within the structure of the school
  • After-Hours Security
  • Auxiliary Programs (i.e. Summer Programs, After-School Programs, Facility Rentals, etc.)
  • Abroad/International Programs

Recent Clients:

Training & Professional Development

AUXS is the founder of the Independent School Safety & Security Summit (IS4) for school safety and security decision makers, school administrators as well as security and law enforcement personnel. IS4 is designed specifically for Independent Schools and focuses on the unique safety and security aspects that differ from public schools, colleges and universities.

Joe Clancy
Former Director,
United States Secret Service
IS4 Expert

Work with experts from the following organizations:

Providing campus solutions for the following areas:

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Campus Operations
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Campus Programs
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Campus Safety

AUXS Advisors are speakers, members and recognized subject matter experts within the following organizations…